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If you’re a regular visitor to my shop then you might recognise this dress.

It actually began it’s life as a skirt and I’d bought it a while ago from Oxfam. It’s originally by Jaeger and it’s completely beautiful – just the right piece to rock the maxi trend.Trouble is, there was a big difference between the way it looked in my head and how it actually looked. This was how I wanted to look:

But, at 5ft 9″ the skirt was too short on me to be maxi, yet too long to be midi. In fact when I put it on there was more than a feint whiff of mumsy. Not good.

So, I tightened the waistband, flipped it over, pulled it up and, hey presto, a new dress was born. I’ve worn this dress to work’s dos, weddings, parties and every time my friends ask me if it’s new. It’s so versatile, it’s great dressed up or down and it was a Godsend when I was pregnant – sooo roomy! 

Here’s a few pics of how I wear it.

shoes – New Look
handbag – from a selection from my shop
shoes – from a charity shop
ribbon – from a haberdashers

bag – from a selection from my shop
belt – from a charity shop
shoes – from Sainsburys!

Look 2 with the ribbon is my favourite. I simply get a length of ribbon, tie it around my waist, loop it behind my shoulders and fasten it behind my neck.

So, that’s it. I hope you feel inspired to get creative with your unwanted items!

Good luck y’all!

Michelle x 

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