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I made this

A few weeks ago I posted a list of crafty-type things I wanted to achieve. Don’t remember it? You can read it here. Well, I have good news to share. No, I’ve not finished my cross stitch – although I did sit down and complete part of it. My good news is that I’ve learnt […]

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I love Yorkshire #1

Even though I grew up in the South, I love living in Yorkshire. here are some reasons why… No wonder they call it God’s own country… Over and out Michelle x

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take one bracelet…

  I’m going to let you into a secret. I hate bracelets. Maybe it’s the combination of having wrists like a malnourished toddler and always being cold that put me off. Don’t get me wrong, I like the look of them, but they always seem to jangle around my poor excuses for forearms and give […]

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Jam and Jerusalem

Do you ever get into creative ruts? I do.¬†You may have noticed, but things went a bit quiet here for a while. It was as if I had lost my blogging mojo. Nothing major had happened. It was just that not much was happening in my brain that was worth committing to a keyboard. I […]

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back to work beauties

Hi folks   It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. For a while it seemed like every blogger in Britain was talking about the Jubilee, which was great, but anything I would have had to say on the matter did seem rather superfluous to requirements. That said – I do send my heartfelt congratulations […]

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