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confessions of a lazy blogger

  Dear Blogspot   I know that we’ve not seen much of each other recently, you’ve probably been wondering what’s going on and where you stand. It’s true, we have grown apart, but I feel you should know, it’s not you  – it’s me.    When we first got together things were really great – everything […]

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shop love: the village haberdashery

Every so often my adventures on the internet make me say, ‘Oh my gosh, breathe..!’ and when I found this shop I said just that. The Village Haberdashery is, well….a haberdashery. It caters for knitters, needlepointers, embroiderers and crocheters (I would have included those who sew, but no one wants to be called a sewer…do […]

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Sunny Saturday

Those of you that hail from outside Britain may be baffled by the British obsession with the weather. But if you look at the weather we’ve had so far this year it’s very easy to see why. Back in March we had a week of glorious sunshine. Suntan lotion was applied, ice creams were eaten […]

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soundtrack to my life : Julia Stone

Sometimes a song gets into my head, sets up camp and won’t leave. It plays on repeat and acts as a backing track to all that I do. I slowly drive myself and those around me crazy singing it all the time (not to mention humming the bits I don’t know).The song doesn’t even have […]

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New balls please!

Has anyone else been watching Wimbledon? Well, if you’re British, of course you have! Usually, the spectacle of people hitting balls at each other leaves me cold but I’ve really got into it this year. Is it the display of skill? The prospect of an actual British champion? Yes and yes, but there’s also one […]

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I made this: doilie necklace

We were on holiday a couple weeks ago, so the days leading up to our departure were filled with packing and last minute travel preparation. Or at least they should have been. Ever the eternal procrastinator, I found myself tinkering away in our spare room making this and that. One of the first diys I made […]

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