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new directions

    No, this isn’t a post expressing the wonders of Glee (I only lasted till season 2 – I found myself fast forwarding the dialogue to get to the songs. When I found myself fast forwarding the songs too I knew it was the beginning of the end) A few people have commented on […]

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I made this: paper hearts

  These paper hearts featured quite heavily at the Tea at the Cathedral Eventwe held last weekend. Not only did we use them to decorate the room (hung in single rows on fishing wire), but all the ladies who attended were given the opportunity to make their own. As a craft, these hearts are ideal […]

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tea at the cathedral

  I came, I saw, I tea partied (or something like that). Saturday was the day of the Tea at the Cathedral Event that I, and several others, had been organising at church. It was a charity tea party to raise funds for our wonderful church building and it was a great opportunity for us […]

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back to work beauties: on yer bike!

  Do you remember when you were younger when you used to just ride your bike just because you loved it? Watching our wonderful Olympians in the Velodrome this summer (yes, I am still talking about the Olympics) has got me hankering after a bike of my very own. I used to love riding my bike […]

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summer lovin’

Please excuse the cheesy title, but WOW, what a glorious summer it has been! First the Golden Jubilee celebrations and then the spectacle that was the 2012 Olympics. I can’t believe that summer is over. But over it is and now the nights are rolling in there seems no good excuse not to flex those […]

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