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Favourite things
edenfound blog favourite things

It doesn’t take much to make me happy. In fact, most of the time all it takes is a bowl of ice cream, a blanket and a ‘Biggest Loser’ marathon on telly. However, every now and then I’m cheered by the little things that make life more beautiful. Here is a list of some of the things […]

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Strawberry fields…
fruit picking

Fruit picking is a bit of a summer tradition in our house. In fact, long term readers of this blog would have probably remember that I wrote a similar post this time last year. My father used to take us to Pick-Your-Own farms when I was little and I have happy memories skipping through the […]

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The City Girls Event, Leeds
the city girls event, leeds

Last Saturday I had the privilege to attend The City Girls Event in Leeds, which made a lovely change from my usual Saturday job of Ballet Lesson Waiting Room Attendee and Chief Peacekeeper. Needless to say I approached the day with relish and I even managed to squeeze in a relaxing coffee and croissant at a cafe […]

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Vintage jumpsuit restyle
black culottes and a breton top edenfound

Buyer’s remorse. It’s a killer. It always sneaks up on you when you least expect it. My last bout of regret came after I bought a vintage jumpsuit on eBay. It looked amazing on the lady in the picture. Cute, functional and sassy all at once, I knew that it would be a key piece […]

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On being thankful
Ponte Vecchio Florence

Yesterday marked ten years since the dreadful bombings that devastated our capital city and changed our nation forever. It was the day after London was told it had been successful in its bid to host the 2012 Olympics. After a hard fought campaign, scenes of jubilation and tears of joy filled our screens. Little did […]

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Window shopping
boohoo shopping wishlist

I am a chronic internet window shopper. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve filled my virtual shopping basket only to hit ‘close’ on the window, never to return. I’ve no idea why I do this. As bad habits go, it’s fairly harmless and it certainly keeps the bank manager at bay. It also saves […]

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Monday Madness #2
Jennifer Hudson James Corden

Monday Madness – a bit of light relief to combat the Monday blues I know this video has done the rounds, but I just love it. If you’re on the train to work, sit back and enjoy. (ps. I will not be held responsible for the looks strangers will give you when you laugh out […]

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staying hydrated
staying hydrated

It is said that the British have an obsession with the weather and I am no exception. Weeks of furtive glances at the weather app on my phone finally paid off and we’ve been rewarded with lots of summer sun… for now, anyway. As well as the usual, ‘I have nothing to wear’ complaint that […]

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Vintage caravan update
vintage caravan hire - eden celebration

It’s almost a year ago now since we completed the renovation of our Vintage Carlight Caravan, which we named Matilda. Although she was in great condition for her age, her interior and exterior needed a bit of a spruce up, so out went the grubby carpet and gas powered light fittings and in went a […]

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