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Instagram recapped: September
Instagram roundup

Looking back on my Instagram feed this month you can tell there’s been a change of season. It’s definitely looking more than a bit autumnal. Gone are the blue skies and vibrant colours of summer and in their place have come muted tones and warmer textures. Also this month, the children have started back at […]

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5 things I would tell my younger self…
profile pic - denim shirt

Hey there teenage Michelle. You may be skinny and  gangly a little bit goofy, but hang in there, things will get better. Here’s a bit of advice to keep you going: 1. Being part of the ‘in crowd’ is overrated. Take a good look at the beautiful people around you. Most of them will peak […]

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The perfect pair of boots.
Autumn outfit, black suede boots, faux leather skirt, burgundy blouse

Is it me, or is getting dressed in the autumn a bit of a gamble? If you don’t get it right a part of you ends up either sweating or shivering. Although I’m not quite ready to reach for my winter coat, as far as I’m concerned warm feet are happy feet. So one thing I have been keeping […]

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Our Big Fat Greek Holiday Part 2: So long to summer

Our summer holiday almost seems like a lifetime ago. The kids have settled into the new school term, sandals have been replaced with boots, we’ve started kicking fallen leaves and our tans have all but faded. Yes, Autumn has well and truly bedded in, people. We didn’t think that we would be able to afford […]

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Afternoon Tea at Filmore and Union
Afternoon tea, Leeds

Last week Queen Elizabeth II officially became Britain’s longest reigning monarch. At 17:30 on Wednesday 9th Sept, she surpassed her great-great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria, by reaching 23,226 days, 16 hours and 30 minutes on the throne. That’s a lot of waving, hand shaking, and handbags! There’s nothing more quintessentially British than our royal family, so […]

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Coffee Table Styling

My husband and I both work from home, but even though we have an office, I much prefer to work downstairs in in our living room (close proximity to the kitchen is a major factor). For this reason our coffee table also has to double up as a laptop desk. When we were looking for […]

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What to take in your hand luggage

  Call me nosey, but I like to know what people carry in their handbags and after seeing a few similar posts pop up over summer, I was totally inspired to do the same. I don’t like to travel light when I’m boarding a plane. I’m always afraid that I’ll miss an essential item and […]

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Back to school wardrobe – Mums Edition
back to school wardrobe mums editi

I used to love back to school shopping when I was a child. The thrill of a new pencil case, pens and a new schoolbag. I’d even love the feeling of my crisp new school uniform. What can I say? I was a real geek! These days back to school shopping is a very different experience for […]

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