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I sent a tweet out earlier asking if I was the only one whose weekends were more hectic than their weekdays. I seem to have spend Saturday and Sunday living life at full throttle to the point where I could really do with a rest right now and it’s only Monday afternoon! If you think I’m exaggerating, here’s a snippet of what we did on Saturday:
 – went into town (in the rain and with a 3 and a half year old, no less) to run some errands
 – home again and then straight back out for 3 and a half year old’s first ever *ballet show (which lasted 2, yes 2 hours…)
 – sit around in the car afterwards for half an hour waiting for the AA to come fix our car as it decided to break down.
 – straight back down to church to attend a Steve Curtis Chapman concert (which was awesome!)
 – hang around at church afterwards to put a few hundred chairs out
 – get in bed at half past midnight  ZZZzzzzzzzzz
OK, so our car doesn’t break down every week, and in reality I wouldn’t have it any other way, but you get the gist. Anyway, since it’s Monday and most folk are back to work it’s time for more Back To Work Beauties – 10 things available to buy on Etsy right now.  This week’s theme is Rest – of course! Enjoy…

(Credits: Sweet – 1234. Dreams – 12. Zzzz – 1234)

 Hope you liked it 
Michelle x 
ps. I’ve got netball training tonight and I quite fancy a night in front the telly. Anybody fancy a temporary life swap with me for this evening? ?…? No, thought not. Hey ho…
* the ballet school insisted that the girls wear make-up for this. Specifically blue eyeshadow, blusher and red lipstick. My daughter is 3….3! Apparently the stage lights make them look washed out. I can’t see how that would apply to my daughter as she is mixed race and therefore BROWN, so I applied the makeup so lightly it was barely visible to the naked eye. It still felt wrong and I will be forever traumatised. Her skin subsequently reacted to the make-up so I have an excuse for her to never wear it again. Ever cloud has its silver lining…….

4 thoughts to “back to work beauties

  • Anonymous

    nice cuff links 😉 Thanks for including them in your blog!

  • Designs by Maria

    Wow…thanks for including my “Dream” print. Looks great with
    your selections.

  • Hey Harriet

    Thanks Michelle for including my photo print set in this lovely post!

  • Anonymous

    Nice post and collection of featured items. I totally relate – a day of rest is virtually unheard of in our household and I usually find myself relieved when Monday rolls around. I certainly never foresaw that one!
    Thx for including our work,
    Mara @ Studio Liscious


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