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The City Girls Event, Leeds
the city girls event, leeds

Last Saturday I had the privilege to attend The City Girls Event in Leeds, which made a lovely change from my usual Saturday job of Ballet Lesson Waiting Room Attendee and Chief Peacekeeper. Needless to say I approached the day with relish and I even managed to squeeze in a relaxing coffee and croissant at a cafe […]

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Why I fell out of love with women’s magazines
women's magazines

(….but we still remain friends) I’ve had a long and meaningful relationship with women’s magazines over the years. Our relationship began when I was around 12 when my friends and I moved on from Smash Hits magazine onto the heady heights of Just Seventeen. We would all sit huddled around the same copy in the playground […]

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Blog Hop
blog hop - edenfound

Blog Hop = One blogger, 4 Questions, Pass it on… Mother’s guilt is a funny thing. They never tell you about it in pregnancy magazines and my midwife certainly never mentioned it. However, unlike breastfeeding or potty training, you never grow out of it and it sneaks upon you when you least expect it. A […]

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instagram recapped: June

I have two Instagram feeds; one public and one private. No, I’m not greedy. It’s just that although I think it’s cute, I’m not sure that you would be interested in pictures of my girls in various princess dresses. June was a busy month for us. Lots of sunshine has meant lots of time spent […]

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Blognix 2014
2014_15_06aa copy

If you follow me on Twitter you will have been aware that I was tweeting more than usual this weekend. The reason for my twitteryness (is that a word? I think it should be) was that I was at Blognix, a blogging meet-up in Birmingham with a great line up of speakers. The aim of […]

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new things

I don’t know whether it’s the sunny weather, but I seem to have gotten my blogging mojo back. Not only that but I also seem to be trying lots of new things recently. Here is a list of some of the new things that have come my way: Homemade mocha frappe Anyone who knows me […]

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confessions of a lazy blogger

  Dear Blogspot   I know that we’ve not seen much of each other recently, you’ve probably been wondering what’s going on and where you stand. It’s true, we have grown apart, but I feel you should know, it’s not you  – it’s me.    When we first got together things were really great – everything […]

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blogs I love

Aaaah, the joys of blogging…. the relaxtion…. the calm…….. …..ha ha don’t make me laugh! Actually, my blogging experience is nothing like this at all. First of all, I very rarely get a post written in one sitting. My typing is usually punctuated by a little girl asking for Peppa Pig and chocolate, an even […]

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New beginnings…

Well, here it is. My first blog post. There are so many things buzzing around my head at any one time, that I thought that I would have a go at writing them all down. It’s no secret that I love all things vintage, all things chocolate and all things pretty, so this blog will […]

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