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happy birthday to me

It was my birthday on Wednesday. A big fat thank you to all my friends and family who sent birthday messages to me. Here’s a quick round up of some of the lovely things I received: Collar clips and the perfect hot chocolate cup from my good friend, Lucy. A cookbook that I have been […]

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catch-up #1

Hi folks, I’m back in the land of the living. Did you miss me? The girls have just gone back to school after the half term holidays and finally I have some spare time. Unfortunately I am not one of those supermummy bloggers who can juggle a laptop, mop up spillages, watch Peppa Pig, untangle […]

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This morning I returned from the school run to the most perfect sound. Silence. My house is clean, there are no chores to be done. There are absolutely no demands on my time. I’m not even going to turn the television on or dance around to the radio. All I am going to do for […]

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happy new year

    I stopped making New Years resolutions years ago. I’m a bit of a ‘Whim Jim’ by nature and would often take up a new hobby or set myself a new goal only to abandon it a few weeks later. However, this all changed last year when myself and four of my friends set […]

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pinterest aspirations: cycling heaven

Anyone who reads this blog or follows my Pinterest feed will know that I’ve got a thing for bikes and have since last summer. Black ones, pink ones, blues ones – it doesn’t really matter what colour they are as long as they look vintagey and have a basket on the front. Here are a […]

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countdown to summer

Apparently it’s Springtime. I say apparently because I live in a country where the sun doesn’t shine a great deal. Not only that, but I live in a part of the country where it rains a lot and in that part of the country I live quite high up above sea level, so it’s also […]

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real beauty

When I opened my laptop this afternoon, I didn’t think I’d end up writing this post. What was going to be a quick listen of one of my *favourite songs on YouTube turned into something else much more gratifying. I wish every woman could watch this video. I immediately wanted to send this to all […]

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Ten true things

I’ve been inspired by Vicky from the owl and the accordion and Lisa from mathilde heart manech to tell you a bit more about myself. I follow a lot of blogs and I always think it’s nice when you get to know a bit more about the authors, so here goes my attempt: I have to drink […]

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what I’ve been up to lately…

So, I had an extended break from writing my little blog. “What have you been doing?”, I hear you cry. This is what:     Drinking Mocha Chillatas (chocolate coffee milshakes to you and me) at Centre Coffee Shop Making gingerbread eggs and decorating them with the girls. Going running – and looking sexy in […]

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new directions

    No, this isn’t a post expressing the wonders of Glee (I only lasted till season 2 – I found myself fast forwarding the dialogue to get to the songs. When I found myself fast forwarding the songs too I knew it was the beginning of the end) A few people have commented on […]

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