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Holiday haul
Summer sale haul

Yesterday morning we arrived back from our summer holiday in Greece. We had a great time in the blisteringly hot sunshine. However, looking out my office window at the grey clouds rolling by, that sunshine already seems like a distant memory. There are advantages and disadvantages to travelling abroad at the end of the summer holidays. […]

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Favourite things
edenfound blog favourite things

It doesn’t take much to make me happy. In fact, most of the time all it takes is a bowl of ice cream, a blanket and a ‘Biggest Loser’ marathon on telly. However, every now and then I’m cheered by the little things that make life more beautiful. Here is a list of some of the things […]

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Shop Love: Hero
hero online edenfound

Have you ever spotted a shop on Instagram that was so far away that you (albeit briefly) contemplated moving house to be close to it? No? Just me then (awkward). Anyway, that’s how I felt when I spotted Hero on Instagram. Based in Southampton, it is literally the other side of the country to where I […]

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Look good on a budget
How to look good on a budget

  I’m baaack. Yes, after a massively prolonged absence, I’m back in the proverbial blogging saddle. The main reason why I stopped was to spend more time with my family. Combined with the fact that I forgot the reason why I started blogging in the first place meant that I had to give myself a […]

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3 of the best: backpacks
backpacks - edenfound

 Grafea / Barbour (from Asos) / River Island I’ve been on the lookout for a backpack that’s the right mix of sturdy and pretty and these three are the pick of the bunch. The question is, do I spend, save or break the bank? Hmm, decisions decisions…. Michelle x

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edenfound: thrift shop haul #1
2014_06_03b copy

It’s no secret that I love a charity shop (Or ‘thrift shop’ to my friends over the pond). You usually find me in one at least once a week. However, charity shops are not all created equal and I usually find that some are a LOT better than others. In my home town I avoid […]

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shop love: the painted house

At this time of year thoughts often drift to decorating and what can be done to change the rooms we live in. I think it ‘s because there’s so little to entertain us in our gardens (especially in Britain  – please, no more rain…) our thoughts drift to how we can beautify our interiors. I’ve […]

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pinterest aspirations: cycling heaven

Anyone who reads this blog or follows my Pinterest feed will know that I’ve got a thing for bikes and have since last summer. Black ones, pink ones, blues ones – it doesn’t really matter what colour they are as long as they look vintagey and have a basket on the front. Here are a […]

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edenfound inspiration: emerald and lace

1/2/3/4/5/6/ Not long ago, wearing a lace dress would have made you look like a Miss Havisham tribute act. Not so anymore. I’m loving all the lace accents this season. I don’t know whether I’m brave enough to go for the lace printed leggings, but I’ve definitely got my eye on that green sweatshirt, the […]

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edenfound at the movies

  As a mother of 2 kids under 5 I don’t get many opportunities to go the cinema very often. So I usually wait till they put them on the telly and watch them in the comfort of my own front room (much cheaper). However, it has to be said, there are some films that […]

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