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Apparently it’s Springtime. I say apparently because I live in a country where the sun doesn’t shine a great deal. Not only that, but I live in a part of the country where it rains a lot and in that part of the country I live quite high up above sea level, so it’s also very windy too. So in other words,  my spring has been overcast, rainy and windy. Boo hiss.

Anyhoo, not to be deterred, I’m starting off my countdown to summer – and nothing says summer to me like a smoothie. I like smoothies for 4 reasons:

  1. They taste good.
  2. They’re an excellent way to use up old fruit – Mushy fruit straight out the fruit bowl makes me gag, but mushy fruit + blender = yummy. It’s pure maths people.
  3. They make a great post-exercise snack. I always crave mountains of chocolate after a run, so they are a great antidote to my insane sugar cravings.
  4. They’re a great way to get my kids to have their 5 a day.

Anyway, since I’ve found myself making lots of smoothies recently, I thought I’d share a couple recipes with you…

29_04_13bb copy


raspberries (out of season it’s waay cheaper to buy them frozen)

mango (frozen)




You get calcium from the yoghurt, iron from the spinach and vitamin C (which also aids iron absorption) from the fruit. Put them together in a blender and..well… blend!

Does this pass the toddler test? Yes! Both my girls were asking for more!


Nothing says healthy like the colour green, right? This one has:



Lemon juice


Put them in a jug and… well… you know what to do. Grapes and apples are generally quite sweet, so the lemon juice adds sharpness.


Did this pass the toddler test? Well, yes and no. My 4 yr old gobbled it up, my 2 yr old flatly refused to put it anywhere near her mouth. I blame the colour. Oh well, you win some you lose some….

Has that inspired you to dust off your blender? Do you have any good smoothie recipes? Let me know below and I might try them..

Have fun in the sun peeps!

Michelle x



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