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Do you ever buy a piece of jewellery or clothing with the intention of wearing it often but never actually get round to it? Of course you do – we all do it (though if my husband asks, I never do it. Ever. Noooo)



Even though it was bought with good intentions, I never got around to wearing this necklace. I remember it looked so good in the shop  – I was going through a statement necklace phase at the time and I thought this would be ideal. Except that when I got home the only statement it made was, ‘I wear plastic rubies because I can’t afford the real thing’. Sad but true. So it sat in my cupboard for years slipping closer and closer to the ‘donate to charity shop’ pile.


I’d seen a lot of nail polish DIYs on Pinterest (I won’t put a link in here because there are LOADS, trust me) so I thought I would give it a try. First of all I tried different colour combos on a paper to see which was best, and then I got painting.

I’m not gonna lie to you, after the first coat I was ready to submit a picture of the necklace to craftfail.com, but I hung on in there and kept layering on the coats. I applied about 4 or 5 coats and now it looks like this:

2014_14_01a copy

Have you got any unwanted jewellery that needs an update? If you, like me, can’t afford to waste money buying stuff you never wear (or access to real rubies) then this simple diy is worth trying.

Happy painting folks


Michelle x

One thought to “diy: colour pop necklace”

  • Lucy

    I love this idea! I think it actually looks more appealing now and will compliment the Spring seasons key colours.


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