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frameless clock diy

Since we redecorated the wall space above our sofa was looking a little bare. The clock that we had before no longer matched our scheme so it had to go. However, when it came to choosing a replacement nothing really caught my eye, until I saw this pin on Pinterest.

This diy took a bit of time to get right, but as the saying goes, ‘Measure twice, cut once’…well, in theory anyway, but I’ll come to that later…. All you need to make your own frameless clock are some schoolyard maths and the materials below:


  1. Numbers (I sourced the house numbers from various DIY shops and eBay)
  2. Clock mechanism (from eBay)
  3. Ceiling rose (again, from a diy shop)
  4. Protractor.

First, we placed the numbers on a large sheet of paper to check the layout and roughly marked where we wanted them to be.

frameless clock tutorial

We marked out a circle (using a pin in the centre attached to a piece of string and a pencil, very technical).  Using a protractor we measured 12 spaces in increments of 30 degrees and then joined the lines up.

frameless clock tutorial

We put the numbers in their correct positions and traced around them.

frameless clock tutorial

We attached the piece of paper to the wall (making sure it was straight), then we drilled all the holes.

frameless clock tutorial

I have an admission to make. Despite all the precision, we (by that I mean me) weren’t happy with the original spacing of the numbers, so we used cardboard stencils to ensure we were¬†really happy with the spacing of the numbers and drilled the holes again.

frameless clock diy

We used a ceiling rose to hide the clock mechanism. It was a perfect fit.

frameless clock diy

Hey presto! Our finished clock. I love the fact that our clock is completely original. It might not be to everyone’s taste, but I think it’s a work of art. Special thanks has to go to my husband who did all the donkey work – thanks hon x

I hope I have inspired you to get creative with some door numbers. If you make your own version of this frameless clock, please let me know below. I’d love to see your results!

Bye for now

Michelle x

4 thoughts to “diy: frameless wall clock

  • brittaney556

    None of the other posts I’ve come across are like this one. You are able to tell alot of work went into this.

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  • Fawzia

    Hi Michelle
    Thank you for sharing………..I have been wanting to do this since I seen it on Pinterest. Now I have the confidence thanks to you!


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