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You may have spotted in this post the garden chandelier that I had made for the Princess Party. It was really simple to make and it was one of those crafts that I kinda made up as I went along. I completed it over the course of a couple days and in total it took about two hours to make.

Materials needed:

  • old lampshade
  • old necklaces and/or bead rope
  • scissors
  • florists wire (I sourced mine from my local florist wholesalers)
  • a length of ribbon.

I found this old lamp in a charity shop. It was the ideal candidate for what I had in mind. I set to work stripping off the tasteful pink chintz and tassels. This is where a sharp pair of scissors came in handy.



Once that was done I was left with the bare frame. I was lucky that the frame on my shade was already white, but sometimes they can be black. White stands out against a garden setting much better than black, so at this stage you can always spray paint the frame a better colour.


The next stage was to attach a loop to hang the frame up with. To do this, loop two pieces of wire of equal length around the frame and secure them. In this picture I’ve used string, but florist wire is better because it is less noticeable and gives the chandelier a ‘floating’ effect.

Take a length of ribbon and hang the chandelier (I hung mine from my washing line!). From there I was able to start decorating the frame.

I found some old beaded necklaces and started to put them on to the frame. The type of beaded necklaces where each bead is secured and doesn’t move around is best. That way you won’t have the additional problem of runaway beads! If you don’t have old necklaces to hand, bead rope is fine. Once again, I sourced mine from a florist wholesaler, but you can also find inexpensive bead wire on eBay.


I looped string around the a bead at the top and tied it tightly. From there I was able to attach them easily to the frame. At first I used white embroidery thread to do this, but later I replaced the string with wire as it was more secure.



There you have it – a great garden centrepiece that cost me next to nothing. I can think of lots of uses for my chandelier – garden parties, weddings, fancy BBqs… My neighbours have even commented on how pretty it looks hung up on my washing line!!

If you’re planning to do lots of entertaining this summer, why not have a go at making your own?

Michelle x

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