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What were you doing in the build-up to Christmas? Visiting family? Frantically dashing round the shops to find last minute presents? Wrapping multitudes of presents? Well, for me the answer is all of the above. Oh yeah, and I made a glittery backdrop.

Just before Christmas we decided to throw a Christmas party. I wanted to make it a bit special and I’ve always wanted to create an area where people could take pictures. I was inspired by several pictures of glittery backdrops on Pinterest (this one in particular) but floral metallic sheeting/metallic fringe aren’t easily available in the UK and what I did find was very expensive.

However, on one of my frantic dashes around the shops, I made a chance visit to my local B&M Bargains and I spied some metallic fringe on the shelves! Hurrah! For those of you who have never heard of B&M Bargains, it’s a cross between Poundstretcher and a Pound shop. Gotta love a pound shop. The fringe I found was a mere 39p a pack or 3 packs for a £1. Ideally I would have bought gold or silver, but it being so close to Christmas there wasn’t a great deal of choice left. I bought a mixture of purple and dark and light pink.


Here’s how I made the backdrop:

1) Measure the area you want the backdrop to cover and cut out some backing paper. Make sure it’s fairly heavy duty as you don’t want it to fall apart. I had some black sugar paper lying around so I used that, but the closer the colour of your backing paper to your fringe, the better.

2. I didn’t want the thick strip at the top of my fringe to show so I stuck the first layer to the other side of the backing paper (see pic 2). I stuck every layer with a combination of staples and a LOT of sellotape.

3. Turn your backing paper over and start attaching the other layers. Each time I stuck the layers down in the opposite direction to how I wanted them to fall (see pic 3). This way you don’t get to see the thick strip at the top of the fringe. I left a 10cm/4inch gap between every layer. I wanted my backdrop to be ombre with dark at the top and light at the bottom, so I stuck my lighter strips nearer the bottom (see pic 4).

Here’s what it looked like when I finished…


How’s that? Not bad for a first attempt, eh? I’m quite happy with the way it’s turned out so you’ll probably see a lot more of it in future posts.

Bye for now,

Michelle x

I’ve subsequently found out that the proper name for metallic fringe is, ‘Lametta’. If you type it into the search box on eBay you can find some there. No, don’t revere me. I’m not a genius. It clearly says the name on the packaging, look…. see….

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