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Does anyone else see pictures of amazing outfits and think to themselves, ‘I could make that’? Go on, admit it. I know I’m not the only one. This diy was inspired by this picture and by this blog post¬†and only took 45mins to complete from beginning to end, including picture taking time.

I found the cardigan in a charity shop. It clearly used to belong to a very funky granny because it’s a bright, almost neon, orange. I thought it was the perfect candidate for a bit of embellishment.

Here’s what I used:


  • sharp scissors
  • felt
  • letter template (I used this font)
  • iron on webbing

First I printed off my chosen letter in 2 different font sizes. Font size 300 and 250 are great, depending on the size of your garment. I cut the paper letters out and used them as templates to cut out the felt (tip: stick the templates to the felt using sticky tape, that way the material won’t move around or lose it’s shape when you start cutting). I was left with two letters, one slightly larger than the other.

Using the iron on webbing I stuck the two letters together, being careful to cover them with a tea towel as I didn’t want to burn them and have a layer of felt permanently attached to the bottom of my iron!


Once they were stuck I then let it cool for a while. After a quick trim around the letter to make sure the shadow layer looked right I repeated the process of attaching the letter to the cardigan using the iron-on webbing. If you’ve never used iron-on webbing before, it’s very easy. All you do is sandwich the webbing between the two layers you want to stick together and then iron over them to melt and seal the glue. You use a tea towel under the iron to prevent burning the item.


So there you have it. You could leave it like that, but I would recommend a quick once over with a needle and thread to ensure it was there for the long haul.

I can’t wait to wear my new granny cardigan. I’ve got an idea to do the same on a sweater too, so watch this space….


Bye for now,


Michelle x



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