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Beach sunset - edenfoundIt’s always about this time of year that my Instagram and Bloglovin’ feeds fill up with beautiful images of clear blue skies and golden beaches as everyone who’s anyone jets off to sunnier climes.

Foreign travel (if you can afford it) is one of life’s little luxuries. For me, travel is a great way to broaden the mind and much can be learned through watching how other people live. Plus, the memories you make can last a lifetime. I always laugh when I remember the horror/embarrassment me and my husband felt in Paris when we realised that we’d over-ordered and in fact ordered enough dinner for 6 of us . There was also the time when I attempted to eat a steak as big as a cow in Florence and woke up in the morning with the biggest food-baby, ever! Don’t worry, not all my holiday memories are food-based. I will also never forget the welcome we received and the smiling faces I encountered on my travels to India, or the warmth of the raindrops that fell on me in Trinidad either. dream holiday Since I was a child I have kept a list of places that I want to visit someday. The list grows longer every year and there aren’t many destinations that have been ticked off. Thankfully, through the power of the internet I am able to live vicariously through others and experience the rich colours of the world through their eyes. Here are a couple places on my list:


My love for Japan started whilst completing a class project on the country, aged 12. They have a language and culture so different from our own that to go there and soak it all up would be an absolute dream. At the moment my children are too young to enjoy a holiday like that, so for now this one goes on the back burner. However, a couple of my favourite bloggers and vloggers have visited Japan this year, and I avidly watched their posts and videos. Special mention goes to blogger, Carrie, from wishwishwish. She visited Japan in April with her fiance, Miguel and her guide to Tokyo is full of great tips and photos. Her Memories of Tokyo vlog is really interesting too and pretty much sums up my feelings about the country.


Well, who wouldn’t want to go here? I’ve wanted to go there since some friends of ours went there on their honeymoon. Whenever I think of the Maldives I think of lush, sandy beaches and a crystal blue sea, not to mention the fresh seafood. If you’re still not convinced then check out this blog post by blogger Rosie from when she visited earlier this year (Warning: be ready for some serious bikini envy!)

Japan and the Maldives are just two of the places on my holiday wishlist and the older our children get, the closer we get to making some of those wishes a reality. We’re off to Greece on holiday soon and I can’t wait to see the whitewashed walls and bright blue water first hand. I’ll definitely be blogging about it when I get back

But if you can’t wait till then, then you should look at my Dream holiday Pinterest board, which is full of great images from great destinations and should be more than enough to satisfy anyone’s wanderlust.

Bon voyage

Michelle x

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