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This was my thought process this morning…
“Jumpers with stains on and jeans with wear marks? No, too mumsy. Jeans with baggy white top with the mysterious hole that I should have thrown away but have kept cos I like the sleeves? No – it needs ironing. Vest top with the baggy jeans with the hole in the crotch? No – bordering on indecent”
Then it occurred to me. I’m in a style rut. The answer?
Fancy Friday!! (I expected more excitement than that.Try again)
FANCY FRIDAY!! (much better, thank you)
Soo, every Friday I’m going to endeavour to make more of an effort. This doesn’t mean I’m going shopping to buy more outfits (there’s a recession on don’tcha know?). I’ve got plenty clothes  – I just don’t wear them all.  So it’s down with the mumsy and up with the glamsy! Heck, you could even get involved and send me pics of your Friday Fancifulness too. Let’s do it!
On your marks people – GO!
Michelle x
ps – if you want to know why Friday and not another day – here are my other thought process…
Monday – too depressing  – no amount of clothes would change that.
Tuesday – still recovering from Monday.
Wear a Dress Wednesday – I don’t have many dresses. I might run out and have to do the school run in bridesmaid outfit. Not cool.
Wear a Stiletto Thursday – could cause problems – might get followed by Wear a Leg Cast Friday
Saturday – my day of rest (!)
Sunday – I always look fabulous on a Sunday!! Ha ha!!
Well, that’s the crazy inner working of my mind laid bare. I’ll go now before they call the medics.Till next time

(A rather fabulous looking) Michelle x

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