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Yesterday was one of those wonderful days that started out with such promise and then actually delivered. The sun was peeping through the clouds in the morning (which is rare in these parts) and I was feeling great. I dropped my eldest daughter off at nursery and went to meet my friend, Lucy, for a coffee at Hinchliffe’s farm shop and restaurant.

If you live nearby and you’ve never been, I highly recommend it. This place is great. The building is divided into two. There’s the farm shop and butchers on one side and the restaurant on the other. The restaurant is delightful and is really accommodating for kids – there’s even a hamper stuffed full of toys for them to play with. Although the plan was to only have a coffee, I’m sure it will come to no surprise to regular readers of this blog that I succumbed to the sugar monster that lives inside me and ordered a plate of American pancakes, maple syrup and bacon as well….mmmmmm….nom nom nom…… Obviously no pictures of this exist because, once again, I was too much of a gannet to pause for thought before digging in.


As well as the shop and restaurant, there are animals that roam around in pens outside, so after coffee (and extras!) we went to see the animals with the kids. My youngest had a blast saying hi to all the animals….well, almost all of them – a shire horse with a head almost as big as her entire body gave her cause for concern!




Once we’d finished seeing the sights it was time to go home and all that was left was for me to say a big THANK YOU to both Hinchliffe’s and my mate Lucy who made such a great morning possible. Thank-you!!

The sunny happiness didn’t end there. Later on, at home, me and my eldest daughter had a great time making treasure maps and hunting for *treasure in the garden. She pottered around and kept herself busy whilst I took snaps of the lovely greenery. I even filled a vase. Lovely.




Aahh, ain’t life great when the sun comes out? What have you been doing? I hope the sun’s shining where you are!

Michelle x

* By ‘treasure’, I mean a pear, a handbag and some Smarties wrapped in foil – the innocence of youth, eh!

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