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Hi folks. Sorry it’s been a bit patchy on the blogging front these past few days. I’ve got lots of crafts and DIYs to do, but wiping noses, school runs and cooking dinner kinda take priority. Anyhoo, inbetween the school run yesterday I went into a charity shop, saw this and couldn’t resist and at 25p it was a barrrgain! Inside there’s not only instructions on how to make the dress on the front cover (which I think would look divine when the sun finally comes out), but there’s other crafts projects in there too which I’m tempted to give a try. I mean, check out the crocheted watch strap/tie/ribbon brim combo! Genius!

Although I can knit, I don’t know how to crochet but this has inspired me to learn….I’m sure it can’t be that hard – can it…?

Crochet needle at the ready!

Over and out

Michelle x

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