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I stopped making New Years resolutions years ago. I’m a bit of a ‘Whim Jim’ by nature and would often take up a new hobby or set myself a new goal only to abandon it a few weeks later. However, this all changed last year when myself and four of my friends set ourselves the challenge of competing in a 10K fun run in May last year. We trained in wind rain and snow, suffered through bouts of tonsillitis, food poisoning and flu, but nevertheless, we all completed the challenge.


So, in the spirit of New Year, here are my resolutions for 2014:

1) Get serious about my make-up regime – My make-up collection is in desperate need of a revamp.


2) Keep up to my blog – I’ve already started this one. I’ve got lots of posts in the pipeline and I’ve already given it a bit of a makeover and a spring clean, what do you think?


3) Finish renovating my caravan.


So, there you go, there are my 3 resolutions for the year. I think they’re all quite do-able, don’t you think?


Have you made any resolutions this year?


Bye for now,


Michelle x

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