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Summer sale haulYesterday morning we arrived back from our summer holiday in Greece. We had a great time in the blisteringly hot sunshine. However, looking out my office window at the grey clouds rolling by, that sunshine already seems like a distant memory.

There are advantages and disadvantages to travelling abroad at the end of the summer holidays. On one hand you have to endure everybody else’s holiday photos whilst you wait impatiently for the weeks to go by until it’s your turn. On the other hand, by the time you get round to doing your holiday shopping, the shops are full of sale bargains waiting to be snapped up. If you’re planning your holidays for next year it’s worth taking this into consideration as I managed to find some fantastic items and save myself a lot of money.

Most of my purchases came from the Monsoon/Accessorize sale, but there were also bargains to be found all over the high street. Here are a few of the things I managed to get:

sale bargains sunglasses

First off were these sunglasses (£3.60 reduced from £12) and this sunglasses case, which was £3.50. There were lots of different styles of sunglasses left in the sale, but these were my favourite. The hard case caught my eye because sunglasses usually float around my handbag, getting scratched and misshapen and I thought these would keep them safe.summer sale bargains - sunglasses, headphonesThis in-flight travel kit, £6.00 reduced from £12, was an optimistic purchase. Travelling with two small children, aged 4 and 6, I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t get much use out of the eye mask, but the packaging sucked me in. What can I say? I’m a marketer’s dream. Although I managed to use it on the way there, the neck pillow was commandeered by my eldest on our return flight and despite my efforts to steal it back once she fell asleep, it remained firmly around her neck (I’ll take my Mother of the Year award in the post, thanks). The carry bag, however, was perfect for protecting my Primark foldable headphones.Monsoon handbagI don’t like carrying my large handbag around with me when I’m on holiday, so this Accessorize over the shoulder bag (£4.50 reduced from £15) was a great alternative. Flat too, it fit in my suitcase perfectly until I needed it.
Monsoon necklace Blue necklace £7.50, reduced from £25, Primark foldable headphones £4.

When shopping for your holidays it’s really nice to find pieces that you can wear back at home and this necklace does just that. I gravitate towards larger statement necklaces and this one is also in tones of blue, my favourite colour. As much as I looked forward to wearing this in Greece I also could see myself wearing this over a cream jumper in the colder months too.

Monsoon sale - sandals flower headbandAccessorize flower headband, £3.60, reduced from £12. Suede sandals, £6.60, reduced from £22.

Having said that, this flower headband is definitely a summer-only item. I have made a conscious effort to steer away from wearing flowers in my hair as they are very girly. However, we were attending a friend’s wedding a couple of days before our holiday and since I was going for a hippy-vibe for my outfit, these were the perfect accessory.

These suede rose gold sandals were my favourite of all my purchases. They were so comfortable that I wore them every day. Flat enough to be worn by the pool, the metallic straps also meant that they looked good with smarter outfits too. They are real leather and suede too. I find it incredible that it’s possible to find such great quality at such a low price.

In all, I saved myself over £66 with my pre-holiday purchases, which did put a spring in my step as I made my way back from the shops. I will write a post about our experiences on holiday soon, but for now I have suitcases to unpack.

Michelle x

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Disclosure: Not a sponsored post. All items were my own purchase.

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