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We were on holiday a couple weeks ago, so the days leading up to our departure were filled with packing and last minute travel preparation. Or at least they should have been. Ever the eternal procrastinator, I found myself tinkering away in our spare room making this and that. One of the first diys I made for this blog was my crochet doilie top. I still had some doilies left over so I decided to make this necklace.
All you need to make a necklace like this one are:
* crochet doilies (you can find these in all good charity shops)
* jump rings (you can find these on etsy/eBay)
* broken necklaces and jewellery bits and bobs¬†(if you’re like me, you can find these in your drawer!)
* pliers (if you don’t have any of these, a blunt pair of scissors will usually do)



1) Find the centre of the necklace and snip.

2) Attach jump rings to the necklace ends and attach to the doilie.
3) Embellish necklace as much as you please.

The finished result looks like this…


Pretty simple, huh! Have you upcycled any old jewellery recently?


Over and out


Michelle x


ps. Sorry about the badly lit pictures folks, it’s been dark and rainy here for AAAAGGESS! Nice weather for ducks…….

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