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A few weeks ago I posted a list of crafty-type things I wanted to achieve. Don’t remember it? You can read it here. Well, I have good news to share. No, I’ve not finished my cross stitch – although I did sit down and complete part of it. My good news is that I’ve learnt to crochet and only on my 2nd attempt! Hurrah!! Big thanks have to go out to Pip from Meet Me At Mikes blog who has step by step instructions and videos which were really really helpful.


Anyway, do you want to see the finished result? Course you do! Here goes…


Not bad, huh? It’s a bit winky wonky, but I’m quite proud of it. The only thing is, now I’ve done it, I don’t know what to do with it. I’m toying with either making a cushion cover or a picnic blanket. Hmmm, decisions, decisions….In other news, I’ve also managed to cross a couple other items off my list.


Items 5 and 7 are works in progress. I’m afraid I can’t say more than that. All will be revealed in time....


Have you managed to cross anything off your lists this week? Good luck if you’re still trying.


Ta-ra for now


Michelle x


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