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instagram recap July

At the risk of sounding like a cliché, I cannot believe that it’s August already. Where did July go? Since we seem to be hurtling through the summer at breakneck speed, here is a round-up from the best pics from my Instagram accounts.

  1. I took this picture outside my local train station, although it could quite as easily have been taken in a farmer’s field in rural France. During the celebrations for the first stage of the Tour de France being held in Yorkshire, a pop-up French farm appeared outside our train station. I wrote about it here.
  2. On the day of the actual race we picked out spot and cheered on the cyclists.
  3. All too soon it was over.
  4. I took part in the Chalkboard Challenge on the Laura Ashley blog. My girls love creating new worlds with the chalkboard bricks.
  5. My heart burst with pride when my grandmother celebrated her 100th birthday this month and received a card from The Queen.
  6. With all this gorgeous sunshine we’ve been having it had definitely been paddling pool weather.
  7. I have so much love for my new fruit bowl from TK Maxx. I just need to buy more fruit to put in it! Look out for it in future posts…
  8. We can’t afford to go away this summer so I’ve made more of an effort to explore my local area. Here’s me and the girls going wild in the country.
  9. Well, I couldn’t go a whole month without thrifting, could I? I picked this up in my local charity shop for 75p! It looks beautiful with some of my neighbour’s hydrangea in it.

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Michelle x


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