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Do you ever get into creative ruts? I do. You may have noticed, but things went a bit quiet here for a while. It was as if I had lost my blogging mojo. Nothing major had happened. It was just that not much was happening in my brain that was worth committing to a keyboard. I needed some inspiration and I needed it quick. Thankfully, it came in the form of my local WI. The WI, or Women’s Institute for those who don’t know is a British, community-based organisation for women. Their known for making jam and singing Jerusalem (hence the title of this post), but there’s way more to them than that.
Even though the WI has always interested me I only found out recently that we had a local branch, so me and a couple of my friends went along to our first meeting not really knowing what to expect. We needn’t have worried. Everyone we met was absolutely lovely. Me, Beth and Lou were introduced to card making by the lovely Jenny and after a slow start involving lots of ho humming, all three of us got stuck in. Here’s what we made (apologies for the bad lighting – we took them on the Town Hall stairs straight afterwards)




Not bad for first attempts, eh? In fact, Louise’s was so good, I think she should seriously consider taking it up as a hobby!

I hadn’t gone along with the intention of getting ideas, but I was so inspired when I got back that I made a whole load of things for my shop. There are going to be lots of changes at edenfound in the next few weeks, so my inspiration came at the right time.

If you’re thinking of joining your local WI, I suggest that you go for it. They’re not at all stuffy or old fashioned – in fact as I write this, the Huddersfield contingent are on their way to a knife throwing workshop! Check out the WI website to find your local group. And if you’re a Huddersfield local, click here.

Thanks Beth, Lou, Jenny and co  – I had a great evening and I’ve totally got my groove back!!!!

See you next time!!


Michelle x


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