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I have a great group of friends that have been with me through thick and thin. We’ve all known each other for years and, like the Spice Girls, we are all very different and all have our own unique personalities. (Oh yeah, I just compared us to the Spice Girls. Keeping the 90s vibe alive, baby). There’s The Crazy One, The Clumsy One, The French One, The Girly One, The Sensible One and The Wise One. I’ll leave it to you to guess which one I am.

Anyway, Caroline, The French One, spotted a great deal on Groupon for a group photoshoot at The Model Experience Photo Studio in Leeds. She thought it would be a great way to celebrate our friendship and we all agreed. So the date was set and off we went.

When we arrived our photographer made us very welcome with cups of tea and coffee at the ready. We were then lead into the studio and after a quick check in the mirror we were all set for our close ups.


On our way…
1. The studios 2. Bloggers, you can’t take them anywhere 3. A quick check in the mirror before we start 4. Discussing poses

Afterwards we all stood around the computer and narrowed down the shots to our favourite print. With so many great shots to choose from it wasn’t an easy task, but finally we chose our shot. However, the best part of the day for me wasn’t the photo we came away with. It was the memories that will live with me. Who knew that being a model for a day could be so hilarious?

Post photoshoot, our bellies ached from hunger as well as laughter, so we popped into Chiquitos for lunch. Needless to say, it was carnage. We may have been models for the day, but a carrot and a stick of celery just wasn’t gonna cut it, I’m afraid. Those with a nervous disposition look away now.


As you can tell from these photos, I wasn’t the only blogger that went. My friend Lucy (aka The Girly One) was part of the group. She’s written about our day out here.

The Model Experience also do photography courses. So if you’re a budding blogger, like me, it might be worth having a look. They are based all over the country.

Our Model Experience was a lovely way to kick off 2014 and I can’t wait for more adventures to come this year.

Have you got any girly days out planned for 2014?


Michelle x



Disclosure: I wasn’t paid to write this post. As usual, all opinions are entirely my own.


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