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Marquee letter DIY

Since we started the process of updating our living room back in spring, I’ve been keen to have a gallery wall filled with framed artwork and photos. In particular I really wanted some marquee lettering, so I decided to have a go making my own.


Picture frame – one with a deep frame is necessary. I bought mine from here.

Photo paper

Stiff card

Textured wallpaper. I bought mine from a discount store, but you can buy similar here.

Battery operated fairy lights. Once, again from a discount store. You can buy similar here.

Drill bits in various sizes/Sellotape/spray glue and elbow grease.

1. Make a template of the word or phrase that you like and print off two copies – one on photo/glossy paper and the other on plain paper. Cut out the glossy version. Cut the textured wallpaper and the card to fit the frame and glue the letters in place. Using the spray glue, attach the wallpaper to the card. The cardboard makes the whole thing more rigid, which means it is less likely to tear when you start making the holes.

Marquee letter diy

Marquee letter DIY

2. Count how many bulbs are on your string of lights. Using the template on plain paper, mark where you want the holes to be. Careful that you don’t have more holes than lights (If you have LESS holes than lights this is not a problem, the extra lights won’t show through the cardboard anyway). Once you are happy with the positioning, punch the holes through the letters, making sure they go through all 3 layers. I found it easier to start this process with a pin and gradually built up the size of the holes using a selection of drill bits.

Marquee letter DIY

3. Once the holes are large enough you can push the lights through the holes. Stick down the lights in place on the reverse. You can be as messy as you want here, no one will see.

Marquee letter DIY

4. Almost there. But, before you replace the back cover of the frame, cut a hole where the battery pack will be. That way you won’t have to take the whole frame apart every time you switch it on or replace the batteries.

Marquee letter DIY

There you have it! My very own marquee letter artwork! I absolutely LOVE it (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

Happy DIYing folks,

Michelle x

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