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My oh my, what a morning I had yesterday! After a spot of grocery shopping (yawn!) I did a little detour and popped into the charity shop run by my church and I found these goodies…

What a great haul, huh?! I was just thinking that I might add some homeware to my shop, so keep your eyes peeled…
There were so many other beautiful things but I had to rein myself in. After all, I don’t want my house to look like Steptoe and Son live own it. (if you’re under 40 and don’t know who I mean, click here). In fact at one point I got so excited that I volunteered to help out one day a week when B goes to school! (There, I’ve said it – I can’t take it back now…). I highly recommend this shop and if you live in the area it’s worth taking a look around.
What’s the vintage shopping like where you are? Do you live close to an Aladdin’s Cave??
Bye for now – Princess Parties to plan!
Michelle x 

2 thoughts to “More Thrift Shop Goodies!

  • two hippos

    Love your finds, just found you via Etsy UK vintage team – great blog!

  • edenfound

    Thanks – I’ve not been doing this long. It’s nice to know that people enjoy reading it!

    Michelle x


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