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28_08_15nOur summer holiday almost seems like a lifetime ago. The kids have settled into the new school term, sandals have been replaced with boots, we’ve started kicking fallen leaves and our tans have all but faded. Yes, Autumn has well and truly bedded in, people.


We didn’t think that we would be able to afford travel abroad as a family this year, so when the opportunity presented itself near the end of the 6 week summer holiday, we took it eagerly. We booked our holiday through Thomson and we travelled to the island of Kos, Greece.  As this was a family holiday on a budget, we chose to stay in self-catering accommodation. This meant no kids clubs and, more importantly, no ice cream on demand – which is a tragedy of epic proportions in my book. From where we stayed, even to what we wore, our aim was to save money, whilst at the same time have a great time. However, any concern I had that we wouldn’t be able to have the best of both worlds faded before we even boarded the plane. From my sale shopping haul to the homemade dress and top I made the day before we flew (see above and below), I began to get a bizarre thrill from proving to myself that it could be done.28_08_15uOur two bedroom apartment, although clean, was basic.  But it didn’t matter because we spent very little time there during the day. By saving money on the accommodation we were able to explore the island, and enjoy meals out as a family. Watching the waves crash over the beach whilst eating dinner was just one of the truly magical experiences that we all shared.18_09_15The absence of a kids club meant that we got to enjoy spending time with our children and watch them experience new things and when they got bored of us they played with all their new friends by the pool. This meant that I got to rediscover my love for reading and I quickly devoured three novels in three days. Up to then I don’t think I had read three novels since my eldest was born!28_08_15o

All too soon it was time to leave and get back to new schools and old jobs. We left with a new found love for Greece and ideas planted for our next trip and if you’re wondering where that might be, there’s no need to look any further than Pinterest where I’ve already pinned copious amounts of pictures of yet more sandy beaches!28_08_15z

So long summer, we had a blast!

Michelle x

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