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Retro Camera
I’m not the best photographer in the world, but I’ve started to take a bit more of an interest in photography since starting this blog. I’ve got a digital camera which I use forĀ shop photos, but it’s so large it doesn’t leave the house ever (nappy bag, coats, pushchair + camera = frazzled mum) and even if I do intend on giving it an airing, then I invariably forget it at home! So, praise the Lord for camera phones! I have an Android phone and so downloaded Retro Camera and FX Camera to get cool effects. But the app I really wanted was Instagram. I was getting blog envy (is that such a thing? It is now) as my favourite bloggers use it to great effect, but alas, it was an iPhone app and I have an Android phone (sob). But, I found out yesterday (weirdly via a tweet from my husband – he could have told me in person!) that it’s now available for Android!! Happy Days!! I haven’t had time to take any photos with it yet, as I only downloaded it last night, but watch this space….
In the meantime, here are some pics I’ve taken recently with Retro Camera and FX Camera. Which I shall still probably use as they’re kinda cool. See what you think….
Retro Camera
FX Camera

Bye for now

Michelle x

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