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I’m currently sitting on my settee staring out the window feeling slightly nauseous. I don’t deserve your sympathy – I’m just suffering from cupcake overload. After craving the killer cupcakes I made a couple weeks ago, I decided to make another batch…. and then another. I then ate cupcakes for lunch. Not good.. Anyhoo, I’m now sat surfing t’interweb whilst my body gets over the shock. 
I’m supposed to be searching for a dishwasher, but I keep getting distracted by pretty things (white goods are soo uninspiring). My latest internet distraction is a beautiful online shop called Lasso The Moon. Judging by their press page, I’m a bit slow on the uptake with this one, but in case you’ve never heard of them they’re an independent shop that showcases products by UK designers and the items they stock are lovely.
Here’s a selection of some of my favourite things in their shop at the moment. 

(Credits: 12345678)
That’s all for today folks – I really must do some dishwasher shopping (urgh!)
Take care
Michelle x 
ps. Anyone for cupcakes?

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