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Those of you that hail from outside Britain may be baffled by the British obsession with the weather. But if you look at the weather we’ve had so far this year it’s very easy to see why. Back in March we had a week of glorious sunshine. Suntan lotion was applied, ice creams were eaten and children played in the garden. However, just a week later the ground was covered in snow. Moving onto this season and our summer has been largely punctuated by rain with the occasional day of sunshine. British weather is extreme and it’s unpredictable – it’s no wonder why we talk about it all the time!

Anyway, on Saturday afternoon I spotted something yellow in the sky. On further inspection it turned out to be the sun (yay!) so me and my eldest daughter seized the opportunity, donned our wellies and went fruit picking at Bentley Grange.
After a couple of minor mishaps (I forgot to bring sun cream and cash, thankfully the lovely folks at the farm took cards), me and my eldest daughter took to the fields…



We picked strawberries and raspberries (although they also grow blackcurrants, redcurrants and gooseberries). They grow the strawberries on tables so it’s not even back breaking work. It’s a great way to pass the time with your kids. Whizz Kid loved it and I can’t wait to take my youngest when she’s old enough next year. The fact that the sun came out topped the day off quite nicely, but even in the rain it would have been fun.

Do you have any PYO (that stands for Pick Your Own by the way – yeah, I speak the lingo) farms near you? I can highly recommend paying them a visit – even if it’s raining!


Got to go – I’ve got strawberries to eat!! Yummy!!

Michelle x


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