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Vintage jumpsuit restyle
black culottes and a breton top edenfound

Buyer’s remorse. It’s a killer. It always sneaks up on you when you least expect it. My last bout of regret came after I bought a vintage jumpsuit on eBay. It looked amazing on the lady in the picture. Cute, functional and sassy all at once, I knew that it would be a key piece […]

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Marquee letter DIY
Marquee letter DIY

Since we started the process of updating our living room back in spring, I’ve been keen to have a gallery wall filled with framed artwork and photos. In particular I really wanted some marquee lettering, so I decided to have a go making my own. Materials Picture frame – one with a deep frame is […]

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1 kimono, 2 ways
kimono jacket - edenfound

Call me stubborn, but I refuse to pay a lot of money for something if I can make it myself. Kimono jackets are everywhere at the moment and the ones that caught my eye were priced upwards of £40. I was convinced I could make one for a lot less. There are lots of tutorials […]

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diy: garden chandelier

You may have spotted in this post the garden chandelier that I had made for the Princess Party. It was really simple to make and it was one of those crafts that I kinda made up as I went along. I completed it over the course of a couple days and in total it took […]

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diy: personalised wall art

I often see art for sale and mutter under my breath, ‘I could make that myself…’. I really wanted a frame with lettered playing cards and I knew it would be easy to make my own, but there was one snag; I had no idea where to get hold of the cards. I eventually stumbled […]

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Take One Challenge – the reveal (finally)

Ok, so the award for the worst blogger ever goes to…. Things got really hectic here for a couple months. As usual when life gets in the way, something had to slip. Apparently, refusing to clean my house and feed my children is not an option. Anyway, I kinda left you hanging for a while […]

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Take One Challenge Update

Here’s a little update for my Take One Jumper Challenge. I gave myself four weeks to revamp an old tired jumper and turn it into something beautiful. This is the jumper I chose. As you can see, it does a good job of keeping me warm, but it’s not very pretty. It took me ages […]

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edenfound: Take One Jumper

I mentioned in my catch-up post that I wanted to be more creative during March and that I had planned a little something that you could get involved with too. Well, here it is. It’s that time of year when we’re all bored of wearing the same jumpers week in/week out. Instead of sending our […]

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diy: tartan skirt

I’ve been wanting to rock the tartan trend for a while now, but every skirt I’ve found has been a little, well….short. I’m 5ft 9in, 35 years old and live in Yorkshire. Not a good combination for exposing too much leg I’m afraid. However, I spotted this gem in my local charity shop at the […]

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shop love: the painted house

At this time of year thoughts often drift to decorating and what can be done to change the rooms we live in. I think it ‘s because there’s so little to entertain us in our gardens (especially in Britain  – please, no more rain…) our thoughts drift to how we can beautify our interiors. I’ve […]

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