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The perfect winter coat…
the winter coat edit the search for the perfect winter coat

…Confessions of a picky shopper. The search is on for the perfect winter coat. Even though it’s not quite cold enough, I have to decided to start early because unlike shoes, I don’t want to have to buy a different coat for every occasion. Previous coat buying experiences have taught me that quality is the […]

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The perfect pair of boots.
Autumn outfit, black suede boots, faux leather skirt, burgundy blouse

Is it me, or is getting dressed in the autumn a bit of a gamble? If you don’t get it right a part of you ends up either sweating or shivering. Although I’m not quite ready to reach for my winter coat, as far as I’m concerned warm feet are happy feet. So one thing I have been keeping […]

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Vintage jumpsuit restyle
black culottes and a breton top edenfound

Buyer’s remorse. It’s a killer. It always sneaks up on you when you least expect it. My last bout of regret came after I bought a vintage jumpsuit on eBay. It looked amazing on the lady in the picture. Cute, functional and sassy all at once, I knew that it would be a key piece […]

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Window shopping
boohoo shopping wishlist

I am a chronic internet window shopper. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve filled my virtual shopping basket only to hit ‘close’ on the window, never to return. I’ve no idea why I do this. As bad habits go, it’s fairly harmless and it certainly keeps the bank manager at bay. It also saves […]

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Black dungarees and a vintage shirt
black dungarees vintage shirt

Remember a few posts ago that I mentioned I wanted a pair of black dungarees? Well, I eventually managed to nab myself a pair. I’m definitely a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, so any denim that I can dress up or down gets a tick in my book.Dungarees, H&M/White blouse, vintage. Similar here A […]

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One dress, 3 outfits
one dress 3 outfits

So here in the UK spring arrived and we all got a little excited. We shaved our legs (past our knees) and hastily got ourselves beach ready. Unfortunately, just as suddenly as spring came, it soon went away again and we were all left a little disappointed, disgruntled, and cold. Until the warm weather makes […]

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Shop Love: Hero
hero online edenfound

Have you ever spotted a shop on Instagram that was so far away that you (albeit briefly) contemplated moving house to be close to it? No? Just me then (awkward). Anyway, that’s how I felt when I spotted Hero on Instagram. Based in Southampton, it is literally the other side of the country to where I […]

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school run chic #1: all in black
dork t-shirt, black leather biker

I know it’s summer, but sometimes you have to forsake floaty dresses for an all black ensemble. After years of coveting them on other people I finally took the plunge and bought this leather jacket from TK Maxx last year. It’s probably the most expensive item I’ve ever bought, but I’ve worn it everyday, so […]

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Take One Challenge – the reveal (finally)

Ok, so the award for the worst blogger ever goes to…. Things got really hectic here for a couple months. As usual when life gets in the way, something had to slip. Apparently, refusing to clean my house and feed my children is not an option. Anyway, I kinda left you hanging for a while […]

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edenfound: thrift shop haul #1
2014_06_03b copy

It’s no secret that I love a charity shop (Or ‘thrift shop’ to my friends over the pond). You usually find me in one at least once a week. However, charity shops are not all created equal and I usually find that some are a LOT better than others. In my home town I avoid […]

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