Take One Challenge – the reveal (finally)

Ok, so the award for the worst blogger ever goes to….

Things got really hectic here for a couple months. As usual when life gets in the way, something had to slip. Apparently, refusing to clean my house and feed my children is not an option.

Anyway, I kinda left you hanging for a while there, didn’t I? I can only imagine the sleepless nights you had, wondering what I had done with my jumper. Well, fret no more, here is the result of my efforts:


Even though I love a bit of crafting, I’m all about the KISS principle (keep it simple, stupid – ha), so simple was exactly what this project was. The materials I used were: an old pearl necklace, grey thread, a pair of scissors and, of course, an old jumper.


This was so easy to do, I’ll let the pictures do the talking…


After a couple evenings, the job was finished.


Ta daah!

Michelle x

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