The perfect winter coat…

…Confessions of a picky shopper.

The search is on for the perfect winter coat. Even though it’s not quite cold enough, I have to decided to start early because unlike shoes, I don’t want to have to buy a different coat for every occasion. Previous coat buying experiences have taught me that quality is the cheapest option. Too often I have been seduced by low prices or fancy buttons, only to find that my coat hasn’t done all that I wanted it to. They say a good coat should last at least 2 winters and winters in Yorkshire last a loong time. To avoid ending up with a duff(le) winter coat again I have a very picky list of criteria that I use when buying a coat. For me, a the perfect winter coat has to…

  1. Look good dressed up or down. More specifically, it has to look good worn with trainers or boots.
  2. It has to keep me dry. I bought a great looking coat one year that was so porous every time it rained my clothes got wet.
  3. It also has to have a big hood as I don’t like carrying umbrellas.
  4. It has to be warm. I have the circulation of a reptile, I live in Yorkshire and I hate the cold. Not a good combination, I’m afraid.
  5. It has to reach my wrists. I have the arm length of an orangutan and most coats leave my wrists exposed. I don’t like the cold wrists (see point 4)
  6. It has to cover my legs. I don’t like having cold legs. Have I mentioned that I don’t like the cold?
  7. It has hide the dirt because, let’s face it, who has the time to wash their coat every week?

I’ll stop there because I am aware just how crazy I’m beginning to sound, but I assure you, there is more I could add to this list. I probably need to seek help, but I don’t think you can get treatment for Acute Winter Coat syndrome on the NHS. Realistically, I’m not sure that a decent looking coat that fulfils all the criteria actually exists, so in the absence of the ‘perfect’ coat I’ve found a few options that come pretty close (yes, I know I have included a lot of fur in this selection. but can we just pretend that when those coats get wet they probably won’t smell of wet dog? Thanks).

the winter coat edit the search for the perfect winter coat

Grey coat, Asos/Red coat, Reiss/Purple coat, Ted Baker/Checked coat, River Island

the winter coat edit the search for the perfect winter coat Cream faux leather trench, River Island/Grey parka, Urban Outfitters/Khaki parka, River Islandthe winter coat edit the search for the perfect winter coat

Suede coat, Asos/Cream Shaggy, River Island/Dark brown jacket, River Island/Faux fur midi, Asos

Happy coat hunting. May the odds be ever in your favour.

Michelle x