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things I would tell my younger self - denim shirt

Hey there teenage Michelle. You may be skinny and ¬†gangly a little bit goofy, but hang in there, things will get better. Here’s a bit of advice to keep you going:

1. Being part of the ‘in crowd’ is overrated. Take a good look at the beautiful people around you. Most of them will peak in high school. In less than 10 years time you will have travelled to India, Romania and Italy and met some amazing people who will change your life forever.

2. Please stop caring so much about what others think of your clothes. Grit your teeth, look them in the eye and tell them politely that if you wanted their sartorial opinion, you’d ask for it. Once you leave for university you won’t ever see them again, anyway. As long as it’s not indecent, feel free to wear whatever you like.

3. However, there is an exception to the advice above. You see those massive plastic, Deirdre Barlow-style glasses that you’re wearing? Get rid of them NOW. Burn them, stamp on them, whatever, I don’t care. They have not and will not ever look good on you. Yes, nicer glasses are more expensive, but they will be worth every penny.

4. Stop slouching.

5. When you are older, you will have children and hear yourself repeating phrases that your mother used. That’s because everything your mother told you was true. Embrace it. The sooner you realise this, the better.

See you around, kiddo.

Michelle x

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