thrifted: tennis dress

Taking part in the Blog Hop a couple weeks ago not only prompted me to think about the reasons why I started blogging, it spurred me on to talk about things that I have a passion about. From my teens I have always had a love for charity shops and vintage shopping and barely a week goes by without me frequenting a second hand shop to look for bargains. It’s been a while since I last shared one of my vintage finds with you, so a few weeks ago (when the sun was still shining) I snapped one of my favourite dresses.

pink vintage dress

I call it my pink tennis dress, because it is reminiscent of what ladies would have played tennis in in the 1940s (see here – I don’t make this stuff up you know!). It was originally a bit longer, but with a quick snip it quickly became the right length.

pink vintage dress

I teamed it up with a faux snakeskin bag and gold bracelet – both vintage finds too, which makes this outfit an absolute steal.

vintage bracelet

Some people have an aversion to thrifted clothing but I love the fact that this old dress has lasted so long and will live on to make more memories.

Have you made any vintage purchases recently?

Michelle x



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