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Am I the only person who starts jobs but never finishes them? I thought not. I’ve got a fairly long list of new crafts I’d like to try. It’s a fairly substantial list and it gets longer every day. The thing is, I promised myself I wouldn’t start a new craft until I finished the one I was working on, and at the moment, I’m working on this:

(guess which one’s mine)

It’s a cross stitch pattern by Emily Peacock and I’ve been working on it for (wait for it) 3 years!! Although it’s supposed to be made into a cushion, the plan is to have it on my wall – far away from chocolately fingers! I absolutely love the print and I’m sure seeing it on my wall will give me a tremendous sense of achievement, but right now, I just want to move onto the next thing.


Do you ever get like that? Do you start projects only to get bored halfway through, or are you a good ‘finisher’? My wishlist of things I’d like to try next ranges from the specific to the vague and it looks a little like this…

1. Learn to crochet
2. Make some crochet bunting
3. Make a crochet blanket
4. Start my ‘Coffee’ cross stitch
5. Make more things out of my ridiculously large pile of vintage scarves (seriously, they’re no good to me in a box)
6. frame more pictures of vintage ladybird book illustrations.
7. Make more things with bows


Hmm… I can’t wait to get started on that little lot! Which one should I try first? What projects are you waiting to finish off? Let’s make May finishing off month!

…….or maybe June…..
…..no, let’s make it July….
..oh dear..


Gotta go – I’ve got more procrastinating to do!


Michelle x


2 thoughts to “unfinished business

  • Sarah Kawalsingh

    Hi Michelle, I’ve just ordered my first cross stitch project in years! Inspired by Rosa Lewis to get myself into a hobby I’m starting it as soon as it arrives in the post (at least that’s the plan!). The next big thing I would like to purchase is a sewing machine and make things to decorate my home…the possibilities are endless! Xx

    • admin

      Good luck with your new hobby. I warn you now – crafting is addictive. Once you start crafting you won’t want to stop!!


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