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black culottes and a breton top edenfoundBuyer’s remorse. It’s a killer. It always sneaks up on you when you least expect it. My last bout of regret came after I bought a vintage jumpsuit on eBay. It looked amazing on the lady in the picture. Cute, functional and sassy all at once, I knew that it would be a key piece in my wardrobe. One that would see me all through summer and would make me look the bomb dot com. Except that I didn’t.

First of all, the model in the picture was considerably shorter than me, meaning that on me the leg length on the trousers was too short. Her body must have been shorter than mine as well, which meant that once done up, said item of clothing feeling felt like an instrument of torture too. The puff sleeves, which looked cute and feminine in the picture were were just awful. They made me look like I was wearing the jumpsuit with the hanger still in it, which is ironic, because it actually looked better on the hanger. For those of you still in any doubt whether this jumpsuit looked bad on me, here is the pictorial evidence in glorious technicolour. Readers with a nervous disposition look away now:vintage jumpsuit restyle

Not one to be deterred I was sure that I could resurrect this fashion disaster and so I set to it with a pair of scissors. Before I go any further I need to make it clear that I am BY NO MEANS A SEAMSTRESS. I have attempted to make a dress once. It was not a success. However, I figured that since the jumpsuit was headed to the bin anyway I had nothing to lose.

I did away with the top, shortened the leg length and replaced the zip. This was the finished result:

jumpsuit restyle - edenfound

black culottes and a breton top edenfoundAlthough my sewing abilities don’t stand up to close scrutiny, I’m happy with how these cropped culottes turned out. They’re really comfy too. I teamed them up with my new tan sandals from Next.  black culottes and breton top - edenfoundNext sandals - edenfound

These also come in red, black, white and blue. I’m so tempted to buy one in every colour.
tan Next sandals - edenfound

Buyer’s remorse well and truly banished, I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of wear out of these culottes.

Michelle x


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