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Well, everyone else seems to be doing it, so why not me? There seems to be an explosion of blog posts at the moment of people showing off their latest charity shop finds. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, or if all this good weather we’ve been having in Britain is slowly turning us into a nation of shopaholics. Global recession, Eurozone crisis, pah!
Anyhoo, not wanting to be outdone, I’ve done a bit of bargain hunting myself. My eldest daughter goes for ballet lessons (I know, I’m living the middle class dream – deal with it) in a little village near our home and visiting the 2 charity shops in the village has become part of my Saturday morning routine. Most weeks I come away empty handed, but this week was different. Check it out! Eeeek!!



The jug I thought was beautiful and was actually something we needed. The other stuff I bought because they ¬†were cheap and I liked them. The pink tea set I’ve seen selling on Ebay for way more than I was prepared to pay, so when I saw this set of 4 trios (cup + sauce + side plate – cos I speak the lingo, you know) going for a song, I had to snap them up. The Queen Elizabeth Coronation trio I’m pretty sure is not vintage, but since I’ve bought nothing jubilee related at all I thought it best to enter into the spirit of things. And talking of things monarchy related, I thought I’d snap this cute teapot up as well – complete with it’s original label! Result!!

I know I’ve blogged about this kind of stuff before, but, as Jem on Beautiful Clutter

says, if you’re not into vintage teacups, then you’re probably reading the wrong blog. I am kinda addicted to buying this stuff. In fact, when I paid for my items, the lovely man in the charity shop asked me if I was having a tea party. I didn’t have the heart to tell him no, so I lied and said yes. Oh dear, surely the next step for me is hiding my stash around the house and denying their existence…..¬†might have to get my fix somewhere else……


Happy shopping, peeps!


Michelle x


ps. My name’s Michelle and I can’t stop shopping…….

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