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Call me nosey, but I like to know what people carry in their handbags and after seeing a few similar posts pop up over summer, I was totally inspired to do the same.

I don’t like to travel light when I’m boarding a plane. I’m always afraid that I’ll miss an essential item and as result will trigger an international emergency. This is the bag I took:

28_08_15fDon’t be fooled by the picture. This bag is massive. It fits on the crook of my arm and by the time I’ve filled it with all my items it weighs the same as a small child. Small price to pay for being safe in the knowledge that I have everything but the kitchen sink, I think. Here’s what I filled it with:

  1. 28_08_15iInflatable neck pillow – an essential for a long flight if you don’t want your head to rest on a stranger’s shoulder. I have done this before and yes, it was very embarrassing. I may have even snored (blushes whilst typing).
  2. Pouch for carrying neck cushion and headphones.
  3. Phone. I loaded mine with an Enid Blyton audiobook. This proved to be a lifesaver when our outbound flight was delayed by a few hours. With a headphone splitter, the girls were both able to plug their headphones in and enjoy the story at the same time. Whilst everybody else’s children got bored and ran around the departure lounge, our girls sat still, exchanging the occasional knowing glance with each other as Kate Winslet told them a story.
  4. Hard sunglasses case.
  5. Notebook and pen – classic blogger cliche. It didn’t get used.
  6. Foldable headphones. I find in-ear headphones really uncomfortable, so these are prefect for long journeys, plus the padded bits are like cushions for your ears.
  7. Plasters and pain relief – because I’m a mum.
  8. Various cosmetics and toiletries – handcream, antibacterial handwash, hair clips, water spray, ear plugs – because I’m mum, and a little paranoid.
  9. Passport
  10. Tissues
  11. Separate purse for foreign money – because they won’t let me can’t collect  Sainsburys Nectar points in Greece.

Also carried in hand luggage, not pictured:

  • A scarf and a pair of socks – because I find aeroplanes to be really cold and I have the circulatory system of a reptile.
  • Sweets  – for bribery purposes
  • Camera – I don’t trust that if I put it in my case that it would get there in one piece.
  • Puzzle book – in case of extreme boredom.
  • Food, and lots of it.

The girls also took their own hand luggage:


  1. Kids headphones, from Primark. Pink and sparkly, when you’re aged 4 and 6 they are the stuff of dreams. We hid these from the girls until the morning we left. They were probably more excited about these headphones than they were the holiday itself.
  2. Colouring book
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Colouring pencils
  5. Socks – in case their little feet got cold. They didn’t.
  6. Various games

Hands down the headphones were the main attraction.

I think we need to have another shot.


Yup, it’s official. We are the best parents in the world (notwithstanding the neck cushion debacle, obvs).

Michelle x

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